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Pentaprism Wallpapers on iPhones
Pentaprism - Black Wallpaper
Pentaprism - White Wallpaper
Vectorized Pentaprism
Reference Photo of the Canon F1's removable viewfinder
Reference Photo of the Canon F1's removable viewfinder's internal pentaprism
A simple pentaprism diagram


To simplify—to a ridiculous degree—the fairly-simple, yet integral mechanism of most single lens reflex cameras: The Pentaprism.

Originally conceived as a tattoo for myself, I spent a good chunk of the time of the “design” of this piece looking for my actual camera which I wanted to draw this from: The iconic Canon F1. I never found it. It probably got left behind in another life.

Eventually, I just found some reference photos of the F1’s removable pentaprism viewfinder, sketched out my piece in a Field Notes notebook, scanned it and vectorized it. Once it was vectorized, I figured I might as well save them as phone wallpapers, so feel free to save them to your device.

You can see the final piece on me on Instagram done by my friend Zeke Gomez at Body Art Gallery in Tulare, CA. 




Drank, Sketched and Vectorized.