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Professional Car Audio Business Cards
Card Front
Card Back
Raised UV Card


To design a sleek business card that felt both stylish and metal-oriented.


Professional Car Audio


I have been designing and printing cards for Professional Car Audio for many years now. They’re a solid shop with a solid reputation and routinely produce, outstanding, quality and, most-importantly, original audio designs for cars, trucks or… whatever the fuck you throw at them, really.

The cards we’ve designed together have danced in tone and design from graffiti-based, to “techie”, to simple 2 or 3 color designs but we’ve always retained the same blue / grayscale / black color palette for the most part. With this card, we decided that something that emulates the accents and colors of professional mobile audio gear (such as speakers, drivers & amplifiers) and this is what we came up with. Something that felt like it could have been complimented a Memphis Audio amplifier or a Kicker speaker driver.

Original run was printed 4-over-4 on suede-coated 16pt. card stock with a 50-micron raised spot UV coating on the front logo side. The second run was printed with the same specs, sans raised spot UV coating with rounded corners.