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Senita, Joe, Vero & Chris - October 30th, 2022

Senita, Joe, Vero & Chris. Shot for SpiritHoods. Senita (first from left in the group photos) was the second first-timer I’ve had the pleasure to capture professionally for the first time in as many months. It’s always a pleasure getting to see people who have never had professional photos taken do so well as a model and enjoy the outcome so thoroughly. Joe (second from the left in the group shots) was also amazing. Vero (third from left in group shots) had clearly been modeling for a while and she told me after the shoot that she’s shot with Estevan Oriol, which she didn’t seem to think was a big deal. Meanwhile, I’m over here starstruck because that man is the reason I became a concert photographer. Meanwhile, Chris (wild hair, looks to die for) put this whole shoot together and is STILL one of my favorite models to work with.

Shot with a Canon 5D Mk. III using a Macro 100mm 2.8 L and 24-70mm 2.8 L using a Neewer Vision4 Strobe Flash and a 60″ Diffuser Umbrella in Visalia, CA.