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Zayda - March 13th, 2022

I thought I lost the raw files for this, but I’m very glad I found them after all. This was the first time I shot Zayda. We have since worked together many times and she is the only model I’ve ever shot that has always brought her own ideas, made her own outfits, accessories or alterations to every shoot we’ve ever done and has always done so with only her contagious laughter.

Before her, I was kind of burning out on model photo shoots because—by my own narrow-ass view of how we were supposed to capture them—they were becoming incredibly formulaic. Since we first started working together, she’s become a great friend, about the closest thing a muse I’ve ever had and returned something to me which I thought I’d lost in my work over the past few years: a sense of adventure. 🥹

You can check out her sewing and alterations page at Peace of Luck where you can buy stuff she makes or you can commission a fresh fit for yourself from her.